Telco Services

As an one stop solutions provider, Hyper Communications work with local Telco to provide full range of business telephony / internet service to help corporate customers address their ICT and Telecommunication needs. We’re certified and trained by the local Telco to provide and deliver service to our clients.

With our experience and knowledge, we will help to advice our client on the most suitable service to meet their operation needs.



•  Dynamic IP Fibre Broadband.
•  Static IP Fibre Broadband.
•  Ethernet Access.
•  Metro-Ethernet Access.
•  IP-VPN Linkage


• Video Conferencing.
• Online Business Applications.
• Scalable high speed internet connection with symmetric bandwidth.
• Seamless connection with networking equipment.
• Host web & email servers.

Business Telephone Line

Business Telephone Line maximises your communication efficiency and help your associates keep in constant contact with you. Your company will emanate a professional image with reliable communication channel with Local Telco Telephone Line. Generally, we will have your new phone line established within 5 business days, giving you instantaneous access to this important tool.


• Boost the credibility of your business with a fixed phone line.
• Enjoy crystal-clear calls.
• Benefit from a low subscription rate and call charges.

Lead time: 5 working days

10 / 30

ISDN is a digital service that can provide enhanced functionality & replace conventional analogue telephone lines. Highly reliable digital connection for your premise-based phone system, fax and video conferencing equipment,  ISDN offers high quality voice & data connection that surpass an analogue line.Configuration comes in 10 or 30 channels, making it competent for small & large applications. These channels are available for (video & audio conferencing/HDVC) with your PABX for all incoming voice & data traffic with ability to independently or simultaneously use separate channels for voice & data calls.


• Boost you and your team’s efficiency with island-wide covered unconditional connectivity.
• Meet Business continuity plan requirements.
• Enhance your business operations with independent call directions.

Lead time: 16-21 working days


SIP Trunk known as Voice Over IP line (VoIP). It’s a technology that allow user to make voice transaction via internet and streaming media service based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). SIP trunk can be provided by local Telco or internet service provider. It come with a block of DDI (Direct dial in number) which can allow an external party contact the user directly without going through the auto attendant or the reception main line. SIP trunk can be added on to your current Business Internet Broadband connection or as a standalone access.   SIP Trunk work well with many IP-PABX (Example: Panasonic, Cisco, AVAYA…) to achieve cost saving with free intra-company calls across multiple office sites and IDD (Overseas call).


• Provide diversity option for power failure / telco service breakdown for redundancy purpose
• Wide option for concurrent call channel, start from 5,10,20,30~100 
• Achieve cost saving by converging your voice and data services on a single network

Lead time: 16-21 working day